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Round Labels

Round labels are perfect for companies that want their brand to stand out. It is a product that is elegant and effective at the same time. Use it as a seal for the packaging boxes with your logo or as a product label stand alone. Their shape makes them perfect for jar labels, especially for jar lids or any other round-shaped surfaces. Our labels are coiled around a roll and it makes them easy to store within smaller spaces and quickly dispense on demand. We offer a wide range of sizes for circle label diameters that should work in most circumstances. You can also request a custom estimate for custom size for your labels. Please note that our labels come with a permanent adhesive and will stick well to a variety of surfaces.

Some of the ideas for the labels:

  • Jar labels
  • On Sale labels
  • Box labels
  • Bath and body product labels
  • Dry goods packaging labels
  • Envelope labels
  • Warning labels
  • Promotional labels
  • Decoration labels
  • Bag labels
  • Wine bottle labels
  • Beverage bottle labels
  • Nutritional labels
  • Branding labels


White Paper Labels – printed on white paper and a budget-friendly option. The most effective use of paper labels is for any indoor applications such as envelope labels, box labels, bag labels and other products that are not exposed to moisture or outdoors. You can write on the paper label with a pencil or pen as long as there is no lamination applied. You may write on a laminated paper label with a permanent marker.

White Plastic Labels – printed on a white plastic material that is durable for indoor and outdoor use and is oil and moisture resistant. Ideal use for products that contain or are exposed to oil, lubricants or colder temperatures such as beverage bottles, bath and body packaging, wine bottles, jar labels or any other products that may be in contact with moisture or oils. Writing with pencil or pen on plastic labels, especially with lamination, is challenging or impossible. However, you may be able to write on plastic labels with a permanent marker.

Lamination – is a protective layer that is added on top of the printed label that makes them abrasion-resistant. Glossy lamination will add a bit of a shiny layer while matte lamination will make labels non-glossy.

To order your custom circle labels from Print Factory is as easy as 1-2-3.

If you have a print-ready PDF/JPG/PNG file, you have to configure your round labels and add them to your cart. In the cart, you’ll have to click on “UPLOAD FILES” button to upload your print-ready file. Our advanced uploading tool will check images and their quality in your file and will notify you if there are images with questionable quality before you order your design.

Don’t have your design ready? No worries! You can use our online design tool by clicking “DESIGN ONLINE” button to create your custom circle roll labels. It is very easy to use our interactive and intuitive online design tool - simply add images, logos, text, and you are done.

When you place the order with Print Factory, your files will be manually checked by our file pre-flight team to make sure that you will get the highest possible printing quality and will notify you about any potential quality-related issues before your order will proceed into production.

For quantities over 5000, custom sizes and finishing options, please do not hesitate to request an estimate, and one of our estimators will be happy to get back to you with a competitive estimate.

Rectangular Roll Labels preview image

Rectangular Roll Labels

  • Rectangular Shape
  • On the Roll
  • Paper or Plastic

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Square Roll Labels preview image

Square Roll Labels

  • Square Shape
  • On the Roll
  • Paper or Plastic

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Round Roll Labels preview image

Round Roll Labels

  • Round/Circle Shape
  • On the Roll
  • Paper or Plastic

25% OFF